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  • Do we hold products?
    We do not do holds on product that is not payed for. However, if the product is paid for, we are able to hold items for up to a week! If you live very far and need us to hold something until you arrive, give us a call and we will try to work with our team to figure something out. Holds are not guaranteed!
  • Can I do a return, exchange, or refund?
    All sales are final! We recommend you inspect all products before the purchase to insure the product you are purchasing meets your own standards! After the purchase is made, we are not liable for the product.
  • Do we negotiate and can I get a discount?
    We do not do any negotiations in our store! All prices are "as is", according to any missing parts or damage the product may have! Our store has a goal to provide our costumers with good product at very low prices. With that being a priority at our store, we already mark all of our product to the lowest prices, and are not able to discount them any further.
  • Can I switch a vanity top?
    Yes! We are able to switch most tops around as long as they fit and are not glued down! If you see a combination you prefer, call a sales associate over and we will try our best to help you make it happen!

Need Help?

For easy access to our representatives, chat with us directly or call us at (614)363-3717.

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